Mothers Day topic and My top 10 music Playlist

So initially I told yall that I would start off with my current playlist.  These are some cool song titles and authors that I listen to and enjoy! 

Playlist 1.  Drake--Nice for what; 2. Drake--Diplomatic Immunity 3.  Trouble, Mike Will made-it, Drake--Bring it back; 4.  PnB Rock--voicememowav.4; 5.  Dreezy, Wale--Afford my Love; 6.  CyHi the Prynce--No Dope on Sundays  7.  Stokely--Level; 8. Stokely--Organic; 9.  Dre Walton--90's R&B; And the whole 10. J-Cole--KOD album.

As I get Older, that's just what it is, I'm getting older, but I Love Music,  it helps my spirit.  I like to hear good beats and stories.  I love to see individuals step outside the box and play with words and use their imagination.  Its the artist in me.  Yes I did say Artist, I am an artist at heart.  I have a vision and sometimes it's so extensive.  So... not to go on a rant, let me know what you think of my playlist.  Maybe someone can shoot me one back!  On to the topic of the blog:


I recently co-hosted My Loud Radio and Stony had the topic, Would you be mad about your husband or boyfriend getting their child's mother a mothers day gift? 

There may be a lot of mixed feelings on this topic and especially in a really messy situation.  As we all know there are those fucked up and messy situations, but none-the-less, when a child is involved, there has to be some level of maturity.  To answer the question, No I don't thing there is anything wrong with a man getting the mother of his child a gift or taking the child to get a gift for Mom.  I think it's honorable for a man to show his child/children that no matter what he respects their mom.  It's respectful in my eyes.  Most times when a woman has a problem with her man doing things like that, there is a deeper rooted issue.  Either, we as a woman, have some underlying trust issues, maybe with ourselves, or with our man.  I may be wrong, but I can only speak from my opinion of the situation.  If me and my child's father were not together anymore, I would still feel good to know he acknowledges that I am a good mom to the creation we made in unison.  I think it is to be respected as such, nothing more, nothing less.  A simple "Happy Mothers Day" call is respected as well. 

Thanks So much for checking out my blog.  I am thinking of a coupon code to send some free books or tees to the first few people who comment on my blog!

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