Read Between the Wine Cle Book Club

For some time now I have always been interested in becoming part of a book club.  I had seen a few around the city, but my person, naturally, requires a certain level of intimacy.  This has always been the case even as a child, the need to not be the same red rose, which none the less, is beautiful, but I prefer to be the black rose, if you know what I mean.  I need to express myself and not feel like I am being overheard and wanted to give other women and men a chance to do the same. 

About three months ago I started Read between the Wine Cle Edition.  The name actually came from my cousin Cheryl who is now living in Atlanta and I found it very intriguing so I asked if I could share it with her.  Cheryl starting the Read between the Wine Atl Edition and I the Cle Edition, eventually, we will come together, once established and share!  I know, cool right? Gives us another reason to indulge in wine, take adult field trips to different local establishments.  While I am at it let me shout out the small business who allowed our club to come in and enjoy our time.  Joe Bean Coffee Shop located in East Cleveland was our first location, Andreas Dekars Cigar and Wine Bar was our second location, also located in East Cleveland, and Bite Creole Kitchen in Cleveland was where we gathered for the last meeting.  Eventually we will possibly travel to Atlanta and welcome our Atlanta visitors to Cleveland to talk about our reads.  

Any who, that was a little background information, just clearing up the simple fact that at the time when it was just a passive conversation, I never, ever, imagined my book club to be a powerful outlet where like minded and unlike-minded individuals would be able to come together and release.  From laughing together to even crying together, I am now left with the feeling of purpose because reading, knowledge and empowerment through books is still prevalent and relevant.  

So far there are about 8 to 10 ladies who have been present at each monthly meeting.  We started with Becoming Michelle Obama.  Honestly, I have so much respect for Michelle Obama and I admire her strength, just as I admire many women's strength and courage who have crossed my path by far.  I made it though about 75% of the book because I felt a little obligated, I mean come on, it was our First Lady!  But in my honest opinion, this was not a page turner.  Interesting at some points, but a few times, I dozed off trying to tackle the pages.

The second read, The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, I absolutely loved it along with the other members of the book club.  I don't want to go into much of a review, because our book club have been asked to give some reviews in a local magazine, so I am just going to say: Jeanette Walls, if you ever read this, I WANNA MEET YOU!

Currently our March read is called Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY You, which is a self love guide by Adeline Bird.  I'm sure this book will benefit us all.  I love to read, I love to learn different writing styles, I enjoy getting into character, and I am a published author who loves to write (Just my Imagination), so I take pleasure in new subjects to read.

Anyone who has the misconception that book clubs are taboo, well that may be true, but Read between the Wine Cle has definitely put a different spin on it, that I am sure most can appreciate, with our real life topics.  We make sure to bring questions to the table and a lot of times the questions tie in to our lives in one way or another and there is always plenty of wine.  

For anyone interested in our book Club, this was a personal review that I hope may help you! Reach out to me at 216.714.2991 to find out where we will be next!

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