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When Your mate is to tired to Fuck!

So this month I wanted to blog about something that has been coming up in different conversations I have been a part of.  When your mate is to tired to fuck, all the time, do you assume that they are really so tired? or Do you assume that they are fucking around?   This is a topic that is debated on often by both men and women.  I will give my opinion on this and if you feel the need, Please elaborate.  I think that in some cases one partner can be tired, lets say if there is a new baby in the household, that can take a toll on both parties.  Maybe if the tired partner is working more than...

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OverWhelming Support

As time goes on and The Beautiful Black Tee becomes more known I will be posting pictures of supporters!  Who would you like to see featured on a design???

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Just my Imagination: Steamy reads

I’m just curious to know how many people, amongst reading the inspirational books, sets them to the side from time to time for the feel good, steamy reads?  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved to read and get into character.  I had to challenge myself to write and I have always enjoyed fantasy! As an adult, I have written so much, about many things, (hint:I have more to come).  Honestly, when I was writing Just my Imagination, it made me feel good to write about steamy topics, that’s most people are afraid to do.  It was so me, so sensual and seductive! So much fun.  Please let me know how you feel about this and what...

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